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North Valley Youth Soccer League (NVYSL) provides recreational soccer for children living in north San Jose, Alviso, California and east foothill neighborhoods, and also competitive soccer under North Valley United for teams comprised of children living anywhere in the bay area.

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January 2015






ARTICLE I:       NAME. 1





























Document Change Tracking. 23




Dictionary definitions:


               Constitution        Establishment; structure and organization

               Bylaws                 Internal rules of an organization

               Rule                      A guide for procedures

               Regulation           A rule for conduct








The name of the League, incorporated within the State of California as a nonprofit organization under section 23701d of California revenue and taxation code is the NORTH VALLEY YOUTH SOCCER LEAGUE, hereinafter referred to as "NVYSL" or "this League."





Section 1.

The purpose of this League shall be to promote mental and physical fitness, to develop self and community pride, to teach sportsmanship, and to provide all levels of organized soccer to youth within the League.  The purpose of the Recreation division is to build self-esteem and teach basic soccer techniques in a non-competitive environment as set forth by the league board.


Section 2.

District II of California Youth Soccer Association North will determine the boundaries. Currently the Western boundary will follow Highway 101 to Highway 17 (including Alviso) to the Santa Clara County line. The Northern boundary is the Santa Clara County line. The Eastern boundary is the Mt. Hamilton hills along the Santa Clara County line. The Southern boundary is Alum Rock Road.





This League shall be affiliated with the California Youth Soccer Association, North, also referred to as "CYSA”. The league shall also be affiliated with the MLS Team, San Jose Earthquakes.  Other affiliations may be approved by the Board of Directors and coaches to provide a full range of soccer participation and experience.





The representative colors of this league shall be predominantly Hunter green and white with black.





Section 1.

This League shall be governed by its Constitution, Bylaws, Rules and Regulations except when superseded by the CYSA Constitution, Bylaws, Rules and Regulations.


Section 2.

The governing authority of this League, whose power shall be designated in the Bylaws, shall be vested with the Board of Directors of this League (also referred to as “the Board”).


Section 3

The Board of Directors shall be comprised of a minimum of eight members serving in the following roles: President, Vice President, Registrar, Treasurer/Accountant, Administrator, Referee Coordinator, Coaching Coordinator, Age Group Coordinators (3 positions), Select/Advanced Coordinator, Equipment Coordinator, Field Coordinator, Webmaster, Fund raising Coordinator, and Master Scheduler.  If vacancies cannot be filled with voting members, additional volunteers can perform any of these offices, except President, in a non-voting capacity, in which case, their attendance at board meetings is optional.



The following positions will be elected to serve the odd numbered years:

1.     President

3.     Administrator

5.     Referee Coordinator

7.     Select/Advanced Coordinator

9.     Coaching Coordinator

11.   U6 Age Group Coordinator (Coed)

13.   Master Scheduler

15.   Webmaster

 The following positions will be elected to serve in even numbered years:

2.     Vice President

4.     Treasurer/Accountant

6.     Field Coordinator

8.     Age Group Coordinator (U10, U12, U14-U19 Boys and Girls)

10.   U8 Age Group Coordinator (Boys and Girls )

12.   Equipment Coordinator

14.   Recreation Coordinator

16.   Registrar



Section 4.

All authorized Clubs will provide one voting representative to the Board of Directors. That representative will be nominated by the Club and approved by the League’s Board of Directors.


Section 5.

Board members shall have one vote each, except the President, who shall vote only in case of a tie.


Section 6.

A Board member may serve in more than one capacity but can only vote in one capacity.


Section 7.

No individual may serve on multiple boards within the League, except those serving as their Club Representative to the League.






Section 1.

Membership in this League shall be by affiliated team or Club.  An affiliated team is defined as a team formally registered by the league.  An affiliated Club is defined as a Club formally approved by the League.


Section 2.

All members shall abide by the Constitution, Bylaws, Rules and Regulations, and General Procedures as set forth by the Board, and all applicable rules and regulations of this organization and other organizations with which this League is affiliated.


Section 3.

Soccer teams within the League territory, and those near the territorial limits of this League which have been given permission by the Board to register with the League, shall be known as Affiliated teams.


Section 4.

League boundaries are the only recognized boundaries. The League handles registration and fields and is the sole administrative authority. The League shall have jurisdiction in all matters in disputes of field usage.







Section 1.

The President shall call for an Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the membership no later than the last day in February of each seasonal year. Notification to all affiliated teams shall be made at least thirty (30) days before said Annual General Meeting.


Section 2.

The order of business at the Annual General Meeting shall be as follows:

A.    Call to Order.

B.    Roll Call

C.    Reading of the minutes of the previous Board Meeting.

D.    Acceptance of the minutes of the previous Board Meeting.

E.    Reports:


1.      President

2.      Vice President

3.      Treasurer

4.      Administrator

5.      Registrar

6.      Referee Coordinator

7.      Coaching Coordinator

8.      Select/Advance Coordinator

9.      Recreation Coordinator

10.   Age Group Coordinator (Multiple Positions)

11.   Equipment Coordinator

12.   Fundraising Coordinator

13.   Master Scheduler


F.    Unfinished Business.

G.   Proposals for changes of the Constitution, Bylaws and Rules and Regulations, or General Procedures.

H.   Election of Officers.

I.     New Business.

J.    Good of the Game.

K.   Adjournment.


Section 3.

The duly appointed Coach, Manager, or Representative for each registered team, registered referees 18 years of age and older, and each member of the NVYSL Board of Directors shall be entitled to one (1) vote.  Voting shall be restricted to those teams which have been registered during the current season ending August 31.  No person shall cast more than one (1) vote regardless of league affiliation: teams, referees, Club representative and/or as a member of the Board of Directors.  The President shall cast a vote only in the case of a tie.


Section 4.

Nominations for League-wide officers and League President may be submitted in advance to the League Board, providing a person duly seconds such nominations enfranchised to vote at the Annual General meeting. Notwithstanding such advance nominations, nominations from the floor at the AGM shall be in order. A majority of the members present and voting at the meeting shall be sufficient for election.












Section 1.

Amendments to the Constitution and the Bylaws of this League shall be made at the Annual General Meeting of the membership, except in such cases as specified by the Bylaws of this League.


Section 2.

Amendments shall be deemed adopted by an affirmative vote of the voting membership present and shall be required to have:

A.   Three-fourths (3/4) of the quorum for the Constitution; and

B.   Two-thirds (2/3) of the quorum for the Bylaws.

C.   Majority of the quorum for Rules and Regulations.


Section 3.

A quorum is defined as those members present at the Annual General Meeting.


Section 4.

Any proposals for changes in the Constitution, Bylaws or Rules and Regulations must be submitted in writing, to the League Administrator at least twenty (20) days in advance of the AGM, which shall be available to the membership at least fifteen (15) days prior to the Annual General Meeting.  Proposals may be amended during the AGM.






Section 1.

Shall be authorized for League representation only.


Section 2.

Advanced and Select team age groupings shall be in accordance with CYSA and District II policies. 


Section 3.

The Board of Directors shall be the final authority for approving the coaches of all select and advanced teams. The Board of directors may also allow an Advance/Select sub-committee to approve coaches for Advance/Select coaches. The term coach shall refer to the head coach henceforth in this document.  The term assistant coach shall refer to the assistant coach.


Section 4.

The criteria for selection of coaches shall be per the Bylaws.


Section 5.

Representation to the Board shall be via the Select and Advanced Coordinator.


Section 6.

The Select and Advanced Coaches under the guide lines set forth in the League bylaws shall choose Select and Advanced Players.





Section 1.

Current affiliated clubs:

 A.   None at this time.


Section 2.

The process for approval of a Club shall be per the Bylaws.


Section 3.

Representation to the Board shall be via one (1) voting Club member.


Section 4.

Club Board representatives must be approved by the Board.


Section 5.

The selection of Club teams and Coaches shall be per the bylaws.


Section 6.

Club teams will wear uniforms bearing the league colors and of design and material approved by the Board.


Section 7.

Each Select/Advanced Club shall maintain and report semi-annually separate financials.


Section 8.

All Club teams will be registered through the League’s Registrar.


Section 9.

Clubs will submit a monthly financial statement to the Board of Directors.


Section 10.

All persons associated with an authorized Club are considered members of North Valley and are subject to the League’s Constitution, Bylaws and Rules and Regulations.


Section 11.

All Club members, coaches and players must be in good standing with the League.






Section 1.

All non-member teams within the territorial jurisdiction of this League shall be deemed as "unaffiliated organizations.”  Any member team playing games or "doing business" with an unaffiliated organization without the prior written League approval shall face disciplinary action by the League Board of Directors.


Section 2.

Any player seeking membership in this organization shall register semi-annually (recreation) or annually for affiliation with only one (1) team. To play, each player must:

A.    Complete a CYSA Youth Amateur Player Registration Form, and

B.    Submit, upon initial registration, proof of date of birth.


Section 3.

Refunds must be requested in writing. The board of Directors will determine the refund amount. The Board will also establish a deadline each year after which no refunds will be granted.





Section 1.

Responsibilities of the Board of Directors shall be as follows:

A.    The Board of Directors, acting together, shall constitute the administrative management of the League. They shall be responsible for:

1.    Ensuring that this League operates within the framework and intent of the Constitution.

2.    Ensuring the fair and equitable treatment of players and all personnel of the League.

3.    Promoting youth soccer.

4.    Appointing the necessary staff to effectively run the League and supervising their activities.

5.    Approving the appointment of coaches of League Competitive teams, and the formation and operation of all League Competitive teams.

6.    Approving the formation, scheduling and operation of all League, Cup and tournament games.

7.    Making temporary rules or regulations for specific cases or occasions not provided for in the Constitution, Bylaws or Rules and Regulations, but which are deemed necessary to carry out the stated purpose of the League.

8.    Determining annual fees or dues payable to the League.

9.    Determining the disposition of games terminated due to abandonment by the referee.  Such disposition shall include replay of the game in whole or in part, forfeiture, or cancellation, as the Board sees fit.

B.     The Board of Directors shall meet at least once during each month of the year. The time, date, and place shall be established at the beginning of each seasonal year and publicized to the general membership.  Any deviation from the regular meeting schedule is to be publicized at least two (2) weeks in advance of the meeting.

C.     Special Board meetings shall be called by the President, as deemed necessary, or within seven (7) days of receipt of a petition bearing the signatures of fifty percent (50%) of the voting members of the Board of Directors of this League.  No business shall be transacted other than that for which the special meeting has been called.




D.     Members of the Board shall be elected or appointed for a period of two (2) years, at which time their positions shall be open for re-election.

E.      At least fifty-one percent (51%) of the voting members of the Board must be present to constitute a quorum at any Board of Director meeting.

F.      The League budget shall be made available for viewing by any Board or team member.

G.     The Board shall have the authority to make temporary rules and regulations for specific cases or occasions not provided for in the Constitution.  Such temporary rules or regulations must be presented to the general membership at the next general membership meeting for possible inclusion into the appropriate document.

H.     No temporary rule or regulation shall be reinstated again, in whole or in part, the following year if turned down by the General Membership. Any temporary rule or regulation not approved at the AGM shall automatically lapse at that time.


Section 2.

The duties of the Board Members shall be as follows:

A.    President

1.    Shall preside at meetings of the Board of Directors and at meetings open to the general membership of the league.

2.    Shall be an ex-officio member of any committee established within the organization, but shall not act as its chair. The President must be advised by committee chairpersons of the date, time, and place of any meetings.

3.    Shall represent or appoint a representative of the League at all CYSA District II meetings and will be authorized to cast votes on any subject which comes before that body.

4.    Shall be responsible for the day-to-day operation of the League.

5.    Shall coordinate the activities of the total organization.

6.    Shall call a special Board meeting upon receipt by the President of any written appeal of disciplinary action. All such appeals must be received within forty-eight (48) hours after disciplinary action is pronounced, Sundays and holidays excepted. This meeting shall be held within forty-eight (48) hours after receipt of the appeal, except Sundays and holidays.

7.    Shall have the authority to enforce disciplinary action as prescribed by the Rules and Regulations against any coach, assistant coach, player, referee, and/or parent, Club or Club member. The President's decision in these matters must be approved at the next Board meeting. 



B.   Vice President

1.    Shall have the same powers and duties as the President when the President is absent or unavailable.

2.    Shall chair the League Protest and Appeals Committee, or appoint a substitute in the event of a conflict.

3.    Shall chair any Coaching Review and Referee Review Committee. 



C.   Administrator

1.      Shall keep an accurate record of all Board and General Membership meetings.

2.      Shall submit minutes of each Board of Directors meetings to the Board at the next scheduled meeting for review and approval.

3.      Shall publish an agenda for Board meetings.

4.      Shall interface with the Cities, Parks and School District officials to secure access to facilities for the league meetings.



D.    Treasurer/Accountant

1.    Shall have receipts for all monies, which shall be deposited in a FDIC, insured account in the name of the League.  All accounts shall be paid by check and shall bear two (2) signatures; President or Vice President, and Treasurer. The receipt book and vouchers shall be produced upon demand of the Board of Directors, properly balanced and current.

2.    The Treasurer shall give a report at every Board meeting and general meeting.

3.    Shall prepare a final financial statement at the end of each seasonal year.

4.    Shall be responsible for the preparation of all papers pursuant to the Articles of Incorporation and tax exempt status of the League.


E.    Registrar

1.    Shall keep an accurate record of all players registered on all affiliated teams that are part of the League.

2.    Shall allow no player to be designated as registered until he/she possesses a properly completed CYSA Youth Amateur Player Registration Form for that player, and the League Registration fee has been collected.

         3.   Shall comply with all CYSA Registration Procedures as defined in the CYSA                Constitution, Bylaws and Rules and Regulations.






F.    Coach Coordinator

1.    Shall be responsible for recruiting, training, examination, grading and administration of coaches under League jurisdiction (per CYSA Coaching Program).

2.    The Coach Coordinator shall chair the Competitive Team Committee.



G.    Referee Coordinator

1.    Shall act on all disciplinary matters and shall have discretionary powers in interpreting the degree of penalties applied to team personnel and players, per CYSA Constitution and Bylaws. Section 4:08.

2.    Shall supervise and coordinate referee activities (including scheduling) at the League- wide level, and shall provide for referee training and evaluation programs.

3.    Shall ensure that the League is in compliance with CYSA regulations concerning referee training and licensing, and is maintaining proper records in these matters.

4.    Shall be a member of the League Protest and Appeals Committee or appoint a substitute in case of conflict.

5.    Shall be ex-officio member of all League disciplinary committees and the Competitive Coach Approval Committee.

6.    Shall represent the League in all matters concerning referee activities.

7.    Shall ensure that proper records are maintained regarding protest and disciplinary actions.



H.    Equipment Coordinator

1.      Shall be responsible for acquisition, distribution, and maintenance of League equipment, which includes uniforms, balls, goals, nets and other equipment as required

2.      Shall maintain appropriate records for League equipment.

3.      Shall be responsible for scheduling, acquisition, and distribution for this leagues photo days and league awards.



I.    Field Coordinator

1.    Shall be responsible/or the maintenance of fields in the NVYSL area.

2.    Will assign practice fields and playing fields.

3.    Shall interface with the Cities, Parks and School District officials to secure proper permits for field usage.





J.   Age Group Coordinators (3 Positions)

1.    Shall be responsible for the formation of teams and coordination of age group activities in the respective age groups.

2.    Shall be responsible for scheduling their age group’s team’s games within the League and with League Clubs.

3.    Shall work with Club age group coordinators to ensure that all players within the League are fairly placed on League or Club teams.

4.    Shall be the primary person responsible for recruiting coaches within their respective age groups.



K.    Select/Advanced Coordinator

1.      Advanced and Select teams (herein referred to as “Competitive Teams”) play through separate Leagues.  North Valley’s Coordinators will be the representative to their respective Advanced or Select Leagues.

2.      Shall be responsible for the coordination of Select and Advanced  team activities.

3.      Shall provide Competitive Teams all relevant information pertaining to their respective League’s Rules and Regulations.

4.      Shall attend their respective League meetings and provide monthly reports to the Board.

5.      Shall be responsible for the registration and collection of all fees for the Select and Advanced teams.



L.     Master Scheduler

1.   Collect all team name, age-gender, contact, special requests, and playing league information. 

2.  Assign and publish game schedules for all games played on NVYSL and All Play-Through league fields.

3.  Provide game schedule information for referee assignment.

4.  Manage and publish game schedule change requests, as necessary.


M.      Webmaster

  1. Shall maintain and keep current all web content for the league.
  2. Update and maintain a yearly calendar on the website to include communications for Tryouts, Game Schedules, Tournaments, and Advertising (Board approved).
  3. Update and maintain accurate email contacts for the league board members.


J.    Fund Raising Coordinator

1.    Shall be responsible to focus and coordinate corporate fundraising activities.

2.    Shall provide fundraising assistance to Advanced, Select teams and teams entering tournaments.

3.            Will present an annual fund raising plan to the Board of Directors for approval.



Section 3.

The Board of Directors shall be responsible for, and have sole authority for enforcing and interpreting the Constitution, Bylaws. Rules and Regulations, and General Procedures.


Section 4.

In addition to the chairs and members of the Standing Committees named by the League President, the Board of Directors may elect to establish other committees as required by the business of the League and to appoint their chairs and members.


Section 5.

A committee appointed by the President, will be formed to meet with representatives of each Club to evaluate the season’s activities, to recognize areas of success and for improvement.


Section 6.

This League shall indemnify each and every present and future Board Member against any judgment, cost or expense which may be imposed on or reasonably incurred by adverse actions taken in connection with any claim, suit or proceeding hereafter made or instituted in which the Member may be involved by reason of being a Director or Officer of the League.


Section 7.

Vacancies on the Board:

A.   Vacancies on the Board, other than the President, shall be made by appointment of the President.

B.    At the time of the next official Board meeting, the Board will vote to approve or reject the appointee.  A majority vote of the Board shall be required for approval of the appointee.

C.    The President’s position shall be filled by the Vice President.

D.    These appointed officers shall serve out the remaining time of the vacant office.





Section 1.

Any team applying for membership in this League shall submit to the League Board of Directors the following:

A.  A completed and approved roster form.

B.  Full payment of all dues and fees.


Section 2.

Each affiliated team shall keep on file a complete registration form for each player. These forms shall be available for review by the Board of Directors of the League.


Section 3.

Must submit, by a date to be determined by the League Registrar before September 1 and/or 1 March of each year, a complete roster.


Section 4.

Bi-Annual dues and fees for recreational teams and Select/Advanced Clubs shall be payable as of September 1 and/or March 1. Teams are not eligible for play until all dues and fees have been paid.





Section 1.

The seasonal year shall be in accordance with, the CYSA seasonal year.

















Section 1.

General Requirements:

A.    Applicant must be a coach in good standing and follow the letter and spirit of the Constitution and Bylaws of NVYSL.

B.    Applicant must be registered with the League.

C.    Applicant must be a minimum of 21 years of age.

D.    Applicant must have two year's experience as a coach. A credit year is defined as 1 per head coaching year and 1/2 per assistant coaching year.   Preference will be given to applicants who have a minimum of 3 credit years.  These requirements do not apply to recreational coaches.


E.    Coaches must comply with the District II coach’s licensing policy (see District II Coach’s Licensee Policy).  Coaches shall be a USSF licensed Referee (Grade 9 minimum).  A coach may be reviewed based on the team’s previous year’s performance and at the discretion of the Competitive Team Committee.

F.    Returning select and advanced coaches shall be given preference as long as parent interviews are positive.

G.    Preference is given to applicants who submit applications within the specified time limit.


Section 2.

Method of Selection:

A.    A Competitive Team Committee shall review all applications for select/ advanced teams.  The committee shall be comprised of:

1.    Coaching Coordinator (Chairperson)

2.    Vice President

3.    Competition Coordinator

The Referee Coordinators and Vice Presidents of the league and clubs shall be informed of the list of candidates and may offer input.  If a member of the committee is applying for a position, he/she shall not participate in the review for that position.


B.    The Coaching Coordinator shall send out applications to all coaches within the League. The application shall contain the general requirements listed in Section 1 of Article 5.

C.    The applicant shall submit to the Competitive Team Coordinator a completed application, a copy of the previous year's Golden Rod, copies of coaching and referee licenses.

D.    A returning Competitive Coach who has been previously approved by the Board and has a minimum of two successive years of Competitive Coaching experience prior to the current season in which they are applying will be approved to coach a competitive team without additional evaluation unless:

1.    They received a send-off during a game in the season immediately prior to the one in which they are applying.

2.    The Board has received negative feedback regarding the Coach’s performance.  This could include but is not limited to feedback from parents, players, referees, other coaches, the League (NVYSL), the District, or any schools or Parks and Recreation officials.

E.    The Competitive Team Committee shall submit all new applicants and applicants with less than two successive years of competitive coaching experience to a random sampling of parent interviews.  The same set of questions shall be asked each parent. All information shall be considered confidential.

F.    Based upon the applicant's compliance with the general requirements and the coach and parent interviews, the committee shall make the Select/Advanced Coach recommendations to the Board.

G.    In the event there is no suitable applicant and the Board of Directors has determined that the League should field a team for that age group(s), the Coaching Coordinator shall actively pursue a candidate for review.

H.    The League Board shall review, modify or approve the Competitive Team Committee’s recommendations.



Section 3.

Must submit, by a date to be determined by the League Registrar before September 1 of each year, a complete roster.







Section 1.

Selection of competitive players shall be done by the Select and Advanced Coaches respectively using the criteria set forth in these Bylaws.


Section 2.

Announcements of the time, date and place for tryouts, and Competitive Team Rules and Regulations shall be done by mail and shall be made available to all registered players of the League.


Section 3.

All players must be given the opportunity to try out through a League-sponsored tryout.


Section 4.

Players eligible for U14 and under may try out for Select and Advanced teams up to two years above their CYSA year of birth.  Players eligible for U15 and above may try out for Select and Advanced teams more than two years above their CYSA year of birth.


Section 5.

Players may try out for a Select and/or an Advanced team.  If selected for both teams, the player decides with which team to register.


Section 6.

The players selected by the select and advanced team coaches and approved by the Competitive team committee shall constitute the roster for that team for the year as governed by the Rules and Regulations of Select and Advanced competition in this league.


Section 7.

The Competitive Team Committee reserves the right to exercise discretion regarding the Competitive Team Player selection process and classification if necessary.





Section 1.

All Competitive teams:

A.    With fund raising activities shall set up a bank account under the team name with two (2) authorized signatures, one of which shall be a team parent.

B.    Must submit yearly financial reports to the League Treasurer.

1.    Finance statements shall include all income and its source, and all expenses within the calendar year.

2.    Finance statements shall be signed by the coach and those with authorized withdrawal authority.

3.    Reports are due to the Treasurer January 15th of the calendar year.

C.    Upon the disbanding of a Competitive team at the end of its playing year, all monies will be turned over to the League Treasurer, who will hold them in trust for the next year’s team.

D.    Each Team SHALL be accountable to the league Treasurer/Accountant.











Section 1.

The League President shall appoint a committee to review a prospective formation of a new Club.  After review, the committee will present its recommendations to the Board.  The board will vote to recommend the addition of the club to the AGM for approval.  A two thirds (2/3) majority is required for a Board recommendation to the AGM.


Section 2.

The League may authorize the operation of a Club prior to an AGM, in accordance with the Bylaws (Article II, Section 1, and Item G).


Section 3.

A Club may be granted a specific area within the League’s boundaries in which operate. Clubs may not recruit or seek membership outside that area.


Section 4.

All Clubs will be subject to and abide by the letter and sprit of the League’s Constitution, Bylaws and Rules and Regulations.


Section 5.

All members of authorized Clubs are members of North Valley Youth Soccer League.





Section 1.

A Club will maintain its own financials under NVYSL’s non-profit status. 


Section 2.

Clubs will establish their own bank account under the Club name with two (2) authorized signatures, The Club President or Vice President and Club Treasure.


Section 3.

The Club will report to the League’s Board and provide a financial statement at the League’s monthly Board meeting.

1.    Finance statements shall include all income and its source, and all expenses within the previous month along with year-to-date accumulations.

2.    Finance statements shall be signed by those with authorized withdrawal authority.


Section 4.

Upon the disbanding of a Club, all monies will be turned over to the League Treasurer, who will hold them in trust until determination is made by the Board of Directors.  All equipment acquired by the Club will also be turned over to the League.


Section 5.

The Club shall be responsible for holding registration days.  Registration dates must be coordinated with the League’s registration dates.


Section 6.

All Club fees and payments must be made to the League on time and dates set forth by the League’s Treasure and Registrar.


Section 7.

The Club shall be responsible for formation of all teams within their membership.


Section 8.

A Club will not restrict any player from playing on other Clubs or League teams.  A Club will not recruit or solicit players or membership from outside is designated area boundaries.


Section 9.

Players within the North Valley League boundaries may choose to play within the League or with any Club they so choose regardless of where they are located within North Valley’s boundaries.  The League and Clubs will make every effort to accommodate these requests.


Section 10.

Clubs and the League will work together to ensure that even numbered and reasonably sized teams are formed.  In some cases players may be assigned to teams outside the Clubs membership or League players assigned to Club teams.


Section 11.

The League will have final jurisdiction over all teams and any disputes or issues arising from the formation of teams.  It is the League’s responsibility to ensure that all players are fairly assigned to teams.





Rule 1.

The rules contained herein shall govern members of the League in all cases to which they are applicable.  All such rules must be consistent with the Constitution and Bylaws of the League.  All competition shall be governed by the rules stated herein unless the rules of a specific competition determine otherwise.


Rule 2.

Any person found guilty of violating the Constitution, Bylaws, or Rules and Regulations of this League shall be asked to appear before the Board of Directors of the League to explain such actions.


Rule 3.

In any dispute, the League President shall have initial authority to resolve the dispute. Appeals of such resolution may be made to the League Board.


Rule 4.

Each coach shall be responsible for the conduct of the members of that coach's team.  This includes coaches, players, spectators and all others.  It is the responsibility of each team to ensure that its action on or off the field does not bring discredit upon the League.


Rule 5.

Falsification of records shall be grounds for disablement from future participation and/or membership in this League.


Rule 6.

A plea of ignorance of the Constitution, Bylaws, and Rules and regulations of this League is not sufficient and violators may expect appropriate action by the Board of Directors of this League.





Rule 1.


A.    League registration procedures will comply with CYSA policies and procedures.

B.    All player applicants for Class 4 teams who have met requirements and have been assigned to a team will be guaranteed one-half (1/2) game play time in all games, unless under medical or disciplinary restrictions.  Class 1 and Class 3 teams are required to comply with the playing time rules of their playing league.  It shall be the Coach’s responsibility to ensure that all players that are trying out for Select and Advanced teams be informed of the absence of this rule at the first try-out.



Rule 2.


Insurance claims must be filed in accordance with CYSA General Procedures.


Rule 3.


A.     All players on teams participating in playing leagues and tournaments outside of the league must present player passes, as outlined in CYSA Specific Rules.

B.     Player pass requirements for teams playing only in-house games shall be determined by the Board of Directors for a given playing year.


Rule 4.


Procedures and rules regarding player transfers, releases, and rosters comply with those outlined in CYSA Specific Rules.



Rule 5.


NVYSL complies with CYSA’s General Procedure regarding professional players and amateur players participating in benefit or exhibition games involving professional players.  


Rule 6.


The definition of a youth player and the date determining age group will comply with definitions established in CYSA General Procedures.


Rule 7.


Acceptable documents to provide proof of age will be those listed in CYSA General Procedures.


Rule 8.


A.   The Rules of Play shall be per the FIFA Laws of the Game with modifications as defined by the CYSA General Procedures. U6, U8, U10 and U12-19 recreational play modifications are defined herein.


B.   U6 Rules:

1. One match consists of 2 simultaneous games of 4v4, 3 players minimum to start and to continue play. There are no goalkeepers.

2. Each game field has dimensions of approximately 66’ x 96’, goals are 4’x6’.

3. Two parents or coaches serve as referees on each game field.

4. No offside shall be called.

5. No penalty kicks shall be taken.

6. Indirect free kick for all fouls and misconduct.

7. All opponents are at least 6 yards away from the ball for all re-starts.

8. No slide tackling allowed.

9. One re-throw is allowed on improper throw-in.




C.  U8 Rules

1. 7v7; 8v8 max if both coaches agree. 4 players minimum to start the match and to continue play.

2. Each game field has dimensions of approximately 108’ x 150’; goals are 6’x 12’.

3. One center referee.

4. No offside shall be called.

5. No penalty kicks shall be taken.

6. Indirect free kick restart for all fouls and misconduct.

7. All opponents are at least 6 yards away from the ball for all restarts.

8. No slide tackling allowed.

9. One re-throw is allowed on improper throw-in.

10. Players and coaches shall occupy one side of the field and reside in the technical area during the match. All spectators shall be on the side opposite of the players and coaches.




D.  U10 Rules

1. 8v8; 9v9 max if both coaches agree. 5 players minimum to start the match and to continue play.

2. Each game field has dimensions of approximately 150’ x 210’, goals are 7’x21’.

3. Officials; three (3) person crew using the diagonal system of control.

4. No penalty kicks shall be taken; a direct free kick awarded to the attacking team inside the penalty area is taken from that part of the penalty area line which runs parallel to the goal line at the point nearest to where the infringement occurred.

5. All opponents are at least 8 yards away from the ball for all restarts.

6. No slide tackling allowed.

7. One re-throw is allowed on improper throw-in.

8. Players and coaches shall occupy one side of the field and reside in the technical area during the match. All spectators shall be on the side opposite of the players and coaches.



E. U12-19 Rules

1. Players and coaches shall occupy one side of the field and reside in the technical area during the match. All spectators shall be on the side opposite of the players and coaches. Exception: Stadiums with seating on both sides may have players, coaches and spectators on opposing sides at the discretion of the referee.



Rule 9.


A.   Definition of terms:

1. Complaint – Anyone associated with the league may register a complaint regarding the policies, procedures, and conduct of the league or any of its officials with a member of the Board of Directors for consideration by the board member or the board.  A complaint does not obligate the board to take action.  The board may elect to take action, including following the protest and appeals procedure.

2. Appeal – An appeal is a formal disagreement with disciplinary action imposed on anyone associated with the league.  An appeal follows the Protests and Appeals procedure.

3.  Protest - Only violations of the Constitution, Bylaws. Rules and Regulations of this League or CYSA, or misapplication of the "Laws of the Game" shall be proper subjects to be considered for protest.

B.   The League Protest and Appeals Committee (president, referee coordinator, vice president and appropriate age group coordinator) shall be the official agency in the protest procedure and shall hear all protests.

C.    Should any person, team or League desire to appeal any adverse decision, communication shall be from the League Protest and Appeals Committee to the League Board of Directors; from the League Board of Directors to the District Commissioner; from the District Commissioner to the CYSA Protest and Appeals Committee; from the CYSA Protest and Appeals Committee to the CYSA Board of Directors.

D.    Should any hearing body decline to hear a protest or appeal that body may, if it desires, refer the matter directly to the next higher authority.

E.    Protests shall be submitted in writing to the League Vice President for approval within forty-eight (48) hours of the game, Sundays and holidays excepted.  If approved, the League Protest and Appeals Committee shall be convened within forty-eight (48) hours, Sundays and holidays excluded.  If not approved, the protestor shall be notified within forty-eight (48) hours, except Sundays and holidays.

1.    The protest fee shall be established at fifty dollars ($50) for items coming before the Protest Committee.

2.    The protest fee shall be returned if the protest is upheld. If the protest is denied and no appeal is filed, one-half (1/2) of the fee shall be retained.


F.    The League Protest and Appeals Committee shall consider all pertinent information. The decision of the League Protest and Appeals Committee shall be conveyed in writing to the interested parties, and a copy of the decision along with all pertinent information and findings shall be filed with the League.

G.   Any decision rendered by the League Protest and Appeals Committee may be appealed to the full Board of Directors. Such appeal must be made in writing and Filed within forty- eight (48) hours of receipt of the adverse decision, Sundays and holidays excluded.  The Board shall set a date to hear the appeal, at which all parties involved shall have the opportunity to present their cases.  The hearing may coincide with a regularly scheduled Board meeting.  The League Administrator shall convey the decision of the Board in writing within seven (7) days.

H.    Should any person, team or league desire to appeal an adverse Board decision, further appeal shall be made to the District Commissioner, together with the appropriate fees, in accordance with the provisions of the CYSA General Procedures and Specific Rules of the Association.

I.     No person(s) associated with the operations of this League at any level may invoke the aid of the courts of any State of the United States without first exhausting all available remedies within NVYSL/CYSA/USYSA/USSF.

J.     For violation of Part I, the offending party or parties shall be subject to the sanctions of suspension and fines and shall be liable for all expenses incurred.


Rule 10.


The following rulings shall apply.


A.    Players guilty of fighting before, during, or after a game shall be punished as set forth herein:

1.    Under 6 and 8: Suspend for one game only.

2.    Under 10: Determine who started the fight.  Suspend that individual for one                (1) to three (3) match(s).

3.    Under 12 and 14: Determine who started the fight.  Suspend that individual for two (2) to four (4) matches.

4.    Under 16 and 19: Determine who started the fight.  Suspend that individual for three (3) to five (5) matches.

B.    Players, Coaches, team officials or other parties guilty of pushing or striking any Coach, Referee; Assistant Referee or official shall receive a one (1) year suspension.

C.    Coaches, team officials, or other parties who make threatening gestures or use threatening language to players, coaches, officials, or referees shall be disciplined according to the following:

1.    First time: Shall be suspended for one (1) game and placed on probation for one (1) year.

2.    Second time: Shall be suspended for one (1) year.

3.    Third time: Shall be suspended for life.

4.    For fighting at any time: The offender shall be suspended for life.

D.    Persons who fail to obey the suspension punishment, either personally or for a player shall be suspended for the remainder of the season and the team shall forfeit the game in which the violation occurred.


Rule 11.


NVYSL will enforce disciplinary actions specified by CYSA and District II and imposed on players or team officials.  The NVYSL PAD Committee may choose to hold a hearing and impose more stringent discipline.


Rule 12.


Game periods and game balls applied to each age group will comply with those defined in CYSA General Procedures.





Rule 1.


The entrance fees and procedures for these competitions shall be established and/or approved by the Board of Directors of this League. All fees and forms must be submitted to the League office on or before the date due in the manner so specified.


Rule 2.


These competitions will be open to all youth teams affiliated with this League, but only in their own age group. A team entering these competitions shall have played in the current seasonal year as a team.












Competitive teams are authorized and administered by the League. These procedures are defined in Article IX of the League Constitution.  Advanced teams are Class 3.  Select teams are Class 1 teams.





Rule 1.

Age Group Coordinators will form League teams.


Rule 2.

Team formation process will be reviewed by the Team Formation Committee, which shall be made up of the Coaching Coordinator (Chair) the Vice President and the Age Group Coordinators.


Rule 3.

Formation of recreational teams will be done by soccer age using the following guidelines:

A.    Players with specific requests, i.e. friends or coach will be grouped in packages whenever possible.

B.    Players will then be grouped by their year of birth. The AGC will assign each package (item 1) to a given birth year.

C.    The AGC will attempt to balance the teams by assigning similar numbers of experienced players to each new team.


Rule 4.

Teams from the previous year will be encouraged to remain intact.


Rule 5.

Teams from the previous year will be given preference over new teams when there are not enough players to form teams for all requesting coaches.


Rule 6.

Players registering during the normal registration period will be assigned to teams prior to assignment of any late registrants. Late registrants will be assigned on a first come first placed basis.


Rule 7.

The following guidelines shall be used to assign players in divisions with established teams:

A.    Returning players will automatically be assigned to the same team unless otherwise requested. A returning player is defined as a player who played with a specific team the previous calendar year.  Should a coach have a specific problem with a player and desire that this player not return to the team the coach shall notify the AGC in writing before registration. The written notification must include the reasons for the request and the previous actions taken to remedy the specific problem. Under no circumstances is the coach to notify the player or parents that he does not wish the player to return to the team.  Poor soccer ability is not an acceptable problem.  The TFC (Team Formation Committee) will make the final decision on the placement of the player.

B.    All players will be assigned to teams following guidelines listed in rule 3


Rule 8.

Under no circumstances may any recreation coach or his agent approach any player officially assigned to another team for the express purpose of changing teams during the Player’s current season.  Registered players may be invited to try out by League-approved Select and Advanced Coaches for the upcoming season.  Coaches deemed to have committed the offense of poaching shall be dealt with by the Board of Directors of this league. Violations may result in disciplinary action, which could include reassignment of the team or suspension of the coach.


Rule 9.

At the conclusion of each playing season, the U10 - U16 AGC's will review the team standings for all recreational (Class 4) teams.  The AGC's will identify those teams that are dominating their divisions.  After consultation with the coach and with concurrence of the TFC, these teams will be given the choice of:

A.    Playing in an outside league,

B.    Playing in a higher division or age group (requires approval of the Board) in NVYSL,

C.    Breaking up the team with the distribution of players among other teams in the age group, or

D.   Forming a select or advanced team according to Articles V and VI of the NVYSL Bylaws.


Rule 10.

Select or advanced teams desiring to return to the recreational league will be treated as a dominating team and processed as in Rule 9.


Rule 11.

While a team fielding eleven players may carry eighteen (18), teams are encouraged to limit their size to fifteen (15) players.  Smaller sided teams are encouraged to limit their size to four (4) substitutes.


Rule 12.

The TFC shall review the formation of all teams associated with AGC's to assure the teams are formed in accordance with the team formation guidelines.


Rule 13.

For North Valley’s Recreational teams, no league standings or win/loss records will be kept.  It should be encouraged, in the younger age groups (U6 – U10), that coaches impress upon their teams that no game scores are kept and no win/loss records are recorded.  The point of this league and all their games is to enjoy and learn the game of soccer, to expose every player to all positions and not be concerned with “winning.”


Rule 14.

No coach will allow his recreational team to score a point differential greater than five goals. Coaches whose teams score more than a five point differential will be asked to appear before the board and explain their actions.  Disciplinary action may be taken if this practice continues.





Rule 1.

Uniform color preference, as listed in Article IV are predominantly Hunter green and white with black.  League and Club teams may request NVYSL board approval to use alternate colors.  

A. This request shall not place a financial hardship on any player that would prohibit the player from participate with the team. 

B.  A team may only request a custom uniform every two years and must ensure all players will be able to procure a new/replacement uniform for the life-cycle of the approved uniform.  This requirement may be waived if an NVYSL approved sponsor is supplying the uniforms at no cost to the players. 

                          C.  Uniform changes are approved for the duration of a team’s or group’s affiliation with North Valley.


Rule 2.

All team sponsorships displayed on team banners, uniforms, web sites, etc, must be approved in advance by the NVYSL Board.  Logos promoting alcohol, gambling, tobacco, controlled substances (drugs) or other activities not deemed appropriate by the NVYSL Board are specifically prohibited on uniforms, web sites, team banners or any other team clothing or equipment. 


Rule 3.

Select and Advanced teams shall wear uniforms of design, and  colors approved by the NVYSL Board, displaying the board approved league or club insignia on upper left corner of the uniform jersey.



Rule 4.

Uniforms will follow standards set by the League for recreational teams.

A. U-6 through U-10 recreational teams will wear the league uniform, in league colors bearing the league logo, of the design and material designated by the League.

B. U-12 through U-19 recreational teams have the option of wearing league uniforms or purchasing custom uniforms, provided the purchase of uniform design, colors and materials  are approved in advance by the NVYSL Board and  display the league logo.

Document Change Tracking



Note: This section, especially when it gets longer, does not have to be printed for distribution, but it is helpful to have some history of when changes were made and why.





Feb 2006

Constitution, Bylaws, Rules and Regulations

No changes at 2006 AGM. Changes are reformatting and adding Table of Contents.  Added this section on Document Change Tracking.  Roxanna Dunn

Feb 2006

Rules and Regulations

Previous version had 2 Section II’s.  Changed the second Section II to III and adjusted subsequent sections.  Roxanna Dunn

Feb 2007

Constitution changes approved at AGM

II: 3 Add Master Scheduler to list of board roles.

V: 3 Add a minimum of 8 and maximum of 14 board members and allow some board positions to be handled by non-voting volunteers.

V: 7 Allow club reps to serve on both club and league boards.

VII: 3 Restrict AGM voting rights of referees to those 18 years and older; allow club board members to vote.

IX: 7 Remove select and advanced uniform policy from Constitution, as it is already in the Rules and Regs.

X: 1 Remove clause restricting MYSC to registering recreational teams.

February 2007

Bylaws changes approved at AGM

II: 2 Add responsibilities of Master Scheduler.

V: 1 Reduce the referee license level required of comp coaches from 8 to 9.

V: 2 Reduce size of Comp Committee by placing ref coordinator and vice president in an advisory role.

VI: 5 Eliminate clauses suggesting the players trying out for competitive teams should try out in own age group.

V: 3 Simplify the process for select and advanced tryouts; simply indicate that players selected for both teams may choose which team to play for.

February 2007

Rules and Regulation changes approved at AGM

II: 1 Remove detailed registration procedures that duplicate CYSA procedures and reference CYSA manual.

II: 1 Remove requirement to play all Class 3 players at least half a game and replace with requirement for Class 1 and Class 3 teams to comply with playing league requirements re: playing time.

II: 1 Indicate that it is the Coach’s responsibility to inform players trying out of the playing time requirements of the playing league (previously indicated Select Coordinator had this responsibility).

II: 1 Eliminate the suggestion that comp coaches try to play all players 50% of the total season time – unenforceable.

II: 2-7, 11, 12 Remove procedures and rules that duplicate CYSA procedures and rules and replace with a reference to CYSA Manual.

II: 8 Remove game rule modifications that duplicate CYSA modifications and reference CYSA Manual.  Add league-specific modifications for U6, U8,  and U10.

II: 9 Add definitions for complaints and appeals with indications of obligations of board members.

March 2008


Rules and Regulation changes approved at


Bylaws, Rules and Regulations, Section II: Standing Rules, Rule 8


May 2008

Conflict of Interest

Add conflict of interest policy to the by-laws.

March 2009

Changes approved at AGM

Updated Board of Directors members and removed maximum number of voting members (Constitution Article V)

Revised uniform policy (Rules and Regulations Section V)


March 2010

2010 AGM

No changes to the Constitution, Bylaws or Rules and Regulations

January 2015

Update Constitution and Bylaws for FY 2015 sent for approval to AGM

Replaced League Logo. Constitution Changes; Article II Section 1 & Section 2. Article III. Article IV. Article V Section III. Article VII Section II Item E, Section III.

Bylaws Changes; Article I, Section II. Article II, Section II. Article V, Section II.



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